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Re: Another Picture Control Question...

Patrick McMahon wrote:

j_photo wrote:

Patrick McMahon wrote:

This is one of Nikon's pages on picture controls.

I ran through a number of shots switching picture controls and I could not get a properly exposed shot to "blow out highlights."

j_photo - Can you share the documentation on picture controls affecting how the camera adjusts exposure? For the life of me I can't find it.

Regarding auto exposure, I think you are right--I guess I got a bit carried away with that statement. I just tried some quick simple tests and I'm not seeing real changes in metering with different picture controls.

Well it was helpfull in that it sent me searching and I found that Thom is of the opinion that picture controls affect autofocus acquisition. This I did not know - even though it is a well grounded, evidence based belief.

Another thing that will affect autofocus is image magnification. I have found that, when autofocus struggles, magnify the view and it will snap to focus.

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