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j_photo wrote:

Wow, there are a lot of confusing replies in this thread.

Changing picture control changes what you see in the viewfinder, and along with that, changes the histogram that is displayed. You are looking at a jpeg file, with the picture control settings baked in, even when shooting raw.

This can lead to changes in how you or the camera adjusts exposure. For example, with the same actual settings (aperture, shutter speed, and iso), an image taken with the Vivid pc might appear to blow out highlights when the same image taken with the Flat or Neutral pc might not. Generally, the Flat or Neutral pc images will more closely reflect the raw histogram than will the Vivd pc image. So if you are trying to take full advantage of the dynamic range of the raw file, it's easier to evaluate exposure with a flatter, lower contrast pc than with a punchier, higher contrast pc.

I hope that's helpful!

I think you've made a slight error in what you wrote.  I have never heard of the camera adjusting exposure based on a picture control.

If you go back to a DSLR it doesn't even make any sense.  The camera wouldn't know what is blown out until after the picture is taken and the picture control is applied.  I doubt the situation is any different with mirrorless.

The point of the picture controls is the part where you, the photographer, adjusts the exposure after the fact.  Or in the mirrorless world you can see the effect of the picture control and you alter the exposure before you take the shot based on the applied picture control.

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