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dacrema wrote:

John Retsal wrote:

I've asked a couple questions here and got, for the most part, some good replies. I've also been reading many other threads and I think I've just about closed in on what I need to to.

I want to run this by you folks first though.

OK, so, I'm not a heavy post-processing guy. I've got a couple custom Picture Controls that I like and would likely be applying to 90+% of the raw images I shoot. My question is this...

As I understand it, using a neutral or better, flat, Picture Control set in the camera, would allow me to better see whether or not, at the time of taking the shot, I need to adjust exposure. If I were to use a different one, say Standard or Auto, I may see in the EVF an image that I might think I need to bump the exposure on whereas in reality it didn't need that but rather it was the Picture Control that was using too much contrast and making it look that way.

Does that make sense?

If you are using NX Studio for post and you use those picture control settings in post you might get an idea of what your picture will look like, but that will not account for other changes you do.
I use NX Studio a bunch (but am switching to Capture One) I would not do the in camera exercise you are talking about unless you are post processing in camera. That has been talked about but not very much because it is difficult and the results are not as good as working on a computer.
Quick answer. Do the changes in post. Stay with flat or maybe standard in camera.

Totally agree.

The viewfinder is critical for focus confirmation and composition.

Using it to judge camera control differences, or even exposure, is pretty much an approximation compared to doing the same in post on a computer.

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