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John Retsal wrote:

john isaacs wrote:

John Retsal wrote:

john isaacs wrote:

John Retsal wrote:

Paul Pasco wrote:

Don't picture controls mostly alter tone, color contrast, etc.? And don't they only apply to jpegs? I am a jpeg only shooter and I assumed that if you shoot raw you can change most things in post so I have to ask, if you have presets you want to use, and you don't like to post process, why do you shoot raw?

Quoting myself (again)...

OK, so, I'm not a heavy post-processing guy. I've got a couple custom Picture Controls that I like and would likely be applying to 90+% of the raw images I shoot.

I shoot raw because not every photo will fit neatly into one of my saved Picture Controls (that's the <10%) and there are things like white balance and D lighting that are not part of Picture Controls, that might need adjusting.

I think Vivid works better, because of increased contrast.

That seems counter intuitive to what I'm asking (unless you meant that in jest).

Higher contrast will produce a scene that, in shadows for instance, would be dark to the point that looking through the EVF one might think that they needed to underexpose to get better shadow detail when in reality they might have the correct exposure. That's why I'm asking about using a more neutral or flat profile so that I'm not "fooled" into thinking I need to over or underexpose.

Higher contrast helps with contrast detect auto focus, which is used by most mirrorless cameras.

Also with phase detection.

So Picture Control choice affects auto focus?

What’s in the viewfinder is what gets presented to the focus algorithms, so yes contrast and, very significantly, brightness, make a difference to focusing behaviors. An S curve might be useful with enhanced contrast in the middle for focusing and wide ranges of tones at the toe and shoulder. I don’t know if that’s been proposed before.

OP: look up member beatboxa and his threads about his beatflat picture control.

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