My baby is a senior :(

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Re: My baby is a senior :(

deednets wrote:

highiso wrote:

I've been photographing my kids since the day they were born and now that my youngest is a senior; Just wow! Where has the time gone!?

Along with being sentimental I can't help but reminisce about my first DSLR, the 20D. Fast forward almost 18 years (after upgrading to the 30D and 70D) and I'm currently shooting with the R6, my first full frame camera.

Can we just pause a second and talk about eye detection? It's the single greatest improvement (to me anyway, since the 20D) that has completely changed the way I shoot. Focus and recompose is a thing of the past. It's almost too easy now. I know other cameras have had this technology for awhile but I'm just getting to know my R6, and love it!

Taken in 2005 with my 20D

Time flies alright. Agree regarding eye af.

You didn't ask for feedback and being close to one's subject is typically an issue best left alone.

But since you posted those shots, why not a little feedback if that's ok? Your daughter a beautiful young woman and maybe you were looking for a certain same vibe look, but I felt it was a lot of the same. Same smile, exactly the same. And environmental portraits, a bit distant and not intimate enough for what I can only guess her personality might be like. Was thinking what she might be like when shot in a black turtle neck, not smiling but looking right through you. Looking away from you, following a ship. At a train station. A reflection in a window. Eating a lemon.

Found the first shot superb but had this feeling that regarding those other shots there could have been more and different looks, tighter crops, closer etc.

Chances are I am off the mark with my comments here and all you wanted to share was some shots of your daughter and reflections about the passing of time. That's cool too of course.


I agree with Deed; beautiful portraits, but please more variation in posing and gaze.

She has many beautiful sides and I suppose expression.
And there is connection and confidence! A very relaxed gaze. Two important c's in a portrait besides the well known crisp, clear and clean.


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