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Re: Another Picture Control Question...

I cannot imagine a senario where a selected picture control would blow out exposure, unless you were to go into the camera's menu system and tinker with the brightness in the picture control.

Equally confusing to me is that you believe a contrast setting on a picture control would be so strong as to blow out exposure. I would recommend placing a photo into your raw processor and swinging the contrast slider back and forth- and then do the same for the exposure slider so that you can train your eye to see the difference between the two adjustments. Contrast and exposure are different- at the extremes they may impact one another, but absolutley not on a picture control.

Really, this seems like a solution in search of a problem.

There is no reason whatsoever that you can't sit down for an hour (really much less) and create your own "picture control" profiles to be applie on import (on either Capture One or LR) - shoot standard and apply. You will actually find it quite fun.

Please use the controls on your camers! namely ISO, metering (spot, matrix, etc.) and EV.

If your picture controls are throwing off your exposure somethng is wrong.

The more you get to know your camera and your processing software the more you will appreciate all of the data a photo contains that may otherwise be technically under or over exposed in a viewfinder.

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