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tundracamper wrote:

Based on what the LCD is displaying, I am thinking it may not be possible to understand how the underlying RAW image is exposed without using a relatively neutral picture control - though that won’t show you an end result. Of course, if the JPG is not over/under exposed, then clearly the RAW isn’t either. So, maybe try to get your final histogram as centered or left-of-center as possible (in an average sense) without too many blown highlights hope for the best? Here is a lengthy discussion on the Canon side….

You generally want to do what's called expose to the right, which is expose as much to the right as you can without blowing highlights (especially ones you care about) in the image to preserve shadow detail.

I tend to do centerweighted or spot metering doing a lot of wildlife, so my view on how far to the right I have to go is different than someone doing landscapes, etc. But that's something you learn as you go. The histogram is a pretty good tool, though I'd rather it go off the raw and not the jpg

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