Another Picture Control Question...

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Re: Another Picture Control Question...

Paul Pasco wrote:

Don't picture controls mostly alter tone, color contrast, etc.? And don't they only apply to jpegs? I am a jpeg only shooter and I assumed that if you shoot raw you can change most things in post so I have to ask, if you have presets you want to use, and you don't like to post process, why do you shoot raw?

Quoting myself (again)...

OK, so, I'm not a heavy post-processing guy. I've got a couple custom Picture Controls that I like and would likely be applying to 90+% of the raw images I shoot.

I shoot raw because not every photo will fit neatly into one of my saved Picture Controls (that's the <10%) and there are things like white balance and D lighting that are not part of Picture Controls, that might need adjusting.

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