Best shooting mode for Canon R7? Manual or Fv?

Started Sep 15, 2022 | Discussions thread
Karpath Junior Member • Posts: 26
Re: Best shooting mode for Canon R7? Manual or Fv?

I tried FV mode but I just don't like that you can't use your custom dial configuration for aperture, shutter speed etc.

So after using the R7 for several weeks and playing around with all the customization options, I'm currently shooting mostly in TV mode with auto ISO, when I don't have much time to configure the exposure triangle. When I have the time and need to control the aperture, I switch to manual mode.

I also set up the 3 custom slots for when I quickly have to switch between animals, people and landscape, with all settings set to give me a good starting point, including the autofocus settings, drive mode etc.

I have set the shutter speed control to the top dial, exposure compensation to the back/thumb dial, and aperture control to the control ring of the lens. For ISO I don't mind to press the ISO button to change it, since I'm mostly shooting on auto ISO anyway.

I also customized several buttons to quickly change the drive mode, switch between spot and full frame auto-focus, disable/enable eye detection, switch between one-shot and servo autfocus, zoom to check the focus, enable/disable electronic shutter and the auto-level function.

Changing subject detection between animals/people/vehicles works pretty quick via the Q-Menu.

With this setup I've been shooting for a few weeks now and everything went into my muscle memory. I'm pretty happy with my configuration so far

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