Canon R7 @15fps. Rolling shutter still on electronic?

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Re: Canon R7 @15fps. Rolling shutter still on electronic?

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I am still waiting for my R7 and see that the rolling shutter @30fps makes alot of rolling shutter so people use 15fps mecanical shutter instead. My question do you get less or zero rolling shutter at 15fps electonic as well or is the rolling shutter the same regardless what fps you use in the electronic mode?

Easy answer is yes, its the same. Canon has 3 modes for shutter right now, Full mechanical shutter, electronic first curtain shutter (EFCS) and full electronic shutter.

With mirrorless its different than with DSLR's. The shutter is open in standby mode with mirrorless. In mechanical shutter when you take an image, the second curtain closes, then the shutter first curtain opens to take the exposure then closes the second curtain before opening again for the viewfinder in standby mode.

With EFCS, the first curtain is open in waiting for the shutter button. Then the exposure is taken when the shutter button is pressed but before the shutter moves. then it closes before opening again ready for the next exposure. So the shutter doesn't move before an exposure happens.

With Electronic shutter, the shutter is always open.

There's cons to all. Mechanical shutter is what I use most of the time. The shutter is only open during the exposure. The early days of digital photography many brands used CCD style sensors. those sensors read all pixels at the same time. That had no "Rolling Shutter" because it works just like a piece of film. The whole image is recorded at the same time. With CMOS sensors like what Canon uses today reads the image line by line like a picture tube draws the image one line at a time. Hence Rolling Shutter with fast moving subjects we see today. So you can have a really fast shutter speed set but the sensor is collecting data while things are still moving, that causes the weird distortion you see when using electronic shutters. But Mechanical shutter can have issues with shutter shock at slower speeds.

EFCS is sorta a hybrid shutter. It wont suffer from shutter shock because the image is taken before the shutter moves. But if shooting with fast glass like F/1.2 or f/1.4 and a higher shutter speed of 1/2000 or faster gives weird background blur. I dont understand the reason of why it happens but its a fact it does happen.

Then there's full Electronic. The shutter never moves and stays open. It has a lot of issues and I see no use for it unless you absolutely need silent shutter. If your shooting stills like landscapes or maybe dear grazing, then maybe full electronic would be helpful but forget photographing anything moving. you can get more FPS in electronic but you also get less bit depth, 12 vs 14 bit. I shoot portraits, landscapes, and general travel photography. I find electronic annoying because I can't hear the image being taken. Maybe I took 30 shots or 1 or maybe none, who knows. in nature, things move. Its just not a good mode for me.

I've done a lot of research on this because it all confused me on how it all worked. So me, as a portrait guy and a landscape guy that also takes general travel pictures, mechanical works for me great. I dont need 20fps and no longer do weddings where shutter noise can be a concern so just the old fashion shutter serves me well. If I need to do a handheld low light shot I might switch to EFCS for that shot.

Now with Canons new Back side Illuminated sensor like in the R3 has several benefits. Better dynamic range but also faster sensor reads so rolling shutter is less of an issue. I might be mistaken but I think I read that the R3 doesn't have a shutter at all. It uses an electronic shutter sound to mimic a real shutter. I read that before it was released so maybe that part is untrue, not sure.

Great explanation. The only thing I'd add is that the R7 does exhibit shutter shock on EFCS with some lenses.

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