What is your super lightweight medium format kit?

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Re: Some Plaubel Makina 67 shots

JimKasson wrote:

Valued Customer wrote:

JimKasson wrote:

debo wrote:


  • 50R (leave 100S due to the huge files)
  • 35-70
  • 50 (or 63)
  • fits in a small bag

Plaubel Makina 67, but I sold it.

Hahahaha, always the joker.
Bet you really use IPhone for lightweight.

Some of my Makina shots:

Good stuff which is lightweight from pre color years, just kidding, but today is also important.  Can you carry your GFX100s on daily basis for a week as I think you tossed your Sony.  See if you can get your love of street groove back with your lightweight Fuji GFX100s. It is definitely less weighty then some of the gear you have carried daily many decades ago.

Anyways, it would be nice to see you celebrate some street groove with your current gear.

IPhone is a bad habit.  😏  have fun creating through your art.

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