Best shooting mode for Canon R7? Manual or Fv?

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Re: Best shooting mode for Canon R7? Manual or Fv?

thomste wrote:

dankenny wrote:

Just keen to hear what people are using. Admittedly I find Fv a bit cumbersome since you can't use muscle memory for each dial like in Manual/Av. Though I'd like to hear if people ended up getting used to that, and find it advantageous over Manual + Auto ISO, for instance.

Also I guess one thing I wouldn't mind with Fv would be if there's a way to swap the wheel and the dial. I've tried a few settings but no luck. Basically if I used it, I'd prefer to change which setting is 'highlighted' using the top wheel, and alter the setting itself using the rear-facing dial. Any thoughts on this as well?

I use Manual mode with the wheel set to ISO. This way once I have set the aperture and shutter speed I want, I can quickly adjust the iso to get the correct exposure, with the histogram always on to check.

I don't want the camera to choose neither the shutter speed or aperture for me.

Thanks. This is similar to what I'm using as well. I have the aperture set to the control wheel since I'm less likely to change it on the fly.

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