Magic of Fujifilm XF 35MM 1.4

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Re: Magic of Fujifilm XF 35MM 1.4

The equivalent of this lens in Nikon F was the 85 1.4D. People loved it so much that Uncle Frank here in DPR (RIP) even named it "cream machine". It was a stupid name but quite apropos at the time. People were convinced it was a 'magic' lens due to its soft, creamy, beautiful rendering. Now we know better 15 years later. It was just lens aberrations that made it render like that. Nothing really magic about it, and in fact its successor the 85 1.4G rendered even better. Same thing with the Fuji lenses.

I've used the 35 1.4 and now have the 33 1.4. The 35 was just an older glass that rendered softer images that are quite pleasing. The 33 1.4 is a sharper lens with more micro contrast. Nothing magic about the 35 (or the 33). Magic is produced in the composition, not the gear.

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