What is the best camera flash with rechargeable battery (not AA) for Nikon DSLR?

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Re: What is the best camera flash with rechargeable battery (not AA) for Nikon DSLR?

I always used my Nikon-Flashes with 1,2 V rechargeable Batteries. That's why I still have about 60 of them despite I sold all my Nikon gear. (Now I use it for my Olympus FL 600 and for many many other devices.)

I can also recommend Godox. Cheaper, very capable, with very very powerfull accus. One Godox 860 II with 1 and 1/2 accu-loads are enough for a wedding with about 1.200 pictures, at least 90 % with flash! Godox has 2 main advantages: cheaper and you need only one device that speaks the Nikon-language, the Godox-devices talk to each other in Godox-language. So if you want to change camera-brand or lend the flashes to a friend, you can use every Godox-flash (Godox for Nikon/Canon/Sony/Pana+Oly) with this one Godox-flash/comander in the hotshoe of the camera.

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