September 2022 Part 1 — This Month Through Your Adapted Lens

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Re: Morning moon. Hexanon 135/2.5

fferreres wrote:

Tomasg71 wrote:

Lovely picture. It'd frame it with one of those backlit frames. Yes, may be tacky to some but I think would look great! Great shot. I like the fact the moon is in focus, not the bird. It changes the composition completely if it was the other way around. It also shows how the limitation of manual focus can help by reducing options. Anyone with the fastest, uber-best Bird Eye Autofocus ultra fast accurate tracker would have been extremely biased in aiming for the bird, above anything else. It'd have been hard for that person to ditch that amazing capability and take a photo of the moon with the bird as foreground.

Really thank you. My wife told me "hey look at this moon", i took a look and was s nice...but then she sad "if only i had a camera i would take a picture". After more than 20 years i know how to read between the lines, so i got my A7mk2 and started to take pics. It s ok....a bit unusual...nice clouds. But then that bird flew into the frame as i was looking thru the viewfinder and i was fast enough to press the shutter button. I think it really changed the picture.

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