God save the Queen

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Re: God save the Queen

Hello kciuk aka Ken60,

Thank you for your kind words!

I agree that Her Majesty did a difficult job very well indeed for a very long time. One of the implicit terms in Prime Ministers' contracts is that they should, as Heads of the Executive arm, strive to avoid placing the Head of State in impossibly difficult positions.

This convention seems to have been given little or no concern by a Prime Minister apparently set on getting his own way at more or less any cost. Ditto his attempts to bring the Judiciary and the Legislative arm into line in order to "get Brexit done".

Constitutions, whether republican or monarchical, need to be carefully watched over by us all. Not simply looking after our own interests, but taking into consideration the welfare of everybody.

Probably about time I joined a political party and did a bit of the boring job of attending meetings and arguing the toss, Alistair.

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