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I make my living by shooting images for my clients, if I do  not call out the thefts of my images I lose revenue and odds are they will steal from my fellow photographers. Just because you don't value your own work and chose to do nothing means you're taking the high road or turning the other cheek. Whether the previous owner has died or retired, the Company generated revenue to the tune of $100K and you seem to be alright with that. I'm still scratching my head trying to understand that comment.

I currently have a client that despite signing an estimate stating the proof sheets are for image selection only, no other use and they copied nine images then created three separate works and posted them online. Their Attorney has acknowledged the violation and will work with us on settling the claim. A few minutes on the LOC website will show you how the US values Intellectual Property and has even setup a Small Claim Board to settle smaller claims for up to a $30K settlement.

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