Rx10 iv picture issues ?

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Re: Rx10 iv picture issues ?

canuck dave wrote:

Baj1 wrote:

Hi all

Just bought a used rx10iv

I've used settings from one YouTuber

Also used AlwynS settings from this forum

I've had quite a few shots and yet to get quality pictures.

I've tried all different settings also with no joy,now I am not a very experienced photographer but I like to think using suggested settings from experienced guys I should be able to achieve some good pictures.

I'm wondering if the fault lies within my camera.

How can I test my camera is faulty or not?

My pics are always not focused very well at all.

I've been doing bird photos. Even shots taken in my garden of birds not very good at all.

Any help please


Buying an advanced camera like RX10IV and then shooting birds would be quite a challenge, for anyone. Birds are about the most challenging subject, for many reasons. When you say "I am not a very experienced photographer" suggests to me that possibly, very possibly this comes down to operator issues. You didn't mention the source of your 'used' camera, but let's assume it is a good camera. I would suggest using an 'auto mode' like 'Intelligent' IA. Then on a reasonably nice day take a very simple picture such as your house. Not to count the cracks in the bricks but to try to get a 'pleasing' image. The auto modes are there for you. But don't diminish their value, as many 'pros' will quickly revert to 'auto' at times. Sony, and all the other players put 'auto' in their cameras so we don't right off go sourcing 'youtubes' for the zillions of suggestions out there. I wish you luck with this excellent photo-taking tool.

Also take a picture of signs with writing and see how sharp the letters are

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