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Re: Don't need Photoshop?

Ho72 wrote:

Henry Richardson wrote:

I am asking if Bridge + ACR without Photoshop can somehow do what Lightroom Classic can do? I have never used Bridge, but I was under the impression that Photoshop is also needed in order to use ACR. Is that not correct? Can Bridge + ACR work together with no need for Photoshop? Does Bridge come with ACR built in?

Bridge can open an image directly into ACR and most everything can be done there that can be done in LR (caveat: CS6 user here). The big issue for some people will be that there is no print module in the Bridge/ACR combo. Matters not to me since I never print from LR either. Another shortcoming is no dual monitor capability (again, circa CS6).

Not sure you can have either Bridge or ACR without installing PS, but just because it's installed doesn't mean you ever have to use it.

EDIT: Apparently Bridge 2022 is available as a free standalone but it's only a browser and asset manager. ACR is still required to "develop" your images and it only comes bundled with PS (AFAIK).

A quote from the Bridge Help article-

"You must have Photoshop or After Effects installed to open files in the Camera Raw dialog box from Adobe Bridge. However, if Photoshop or After Effects is not installed, you can still preview the images and see their metadata in Adobe Bridge. If another application is associated with the image file type, it’s possible to open the file in that application from Adobe Bridge.

Using Adobe Bridge, you can apply, copy, and clear image settings, and you can see previews and metadata for camera raw files without opening them in the Camera Raw dialog box. The preview in Adobe Bridge is a JPEG image generated using the current image settings; the preview is not the raw camera data itself, which would appear as a very dark grayscale image."

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