God save the Queen

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Re: God save the Queen

I'm glad that in our trip to the UK we got to experience firsthand how much the British loved their Queen. We have nothing to compare it to here in the US, and even though I can understand their love of their Queen, I can never have the feelings they have for their special relationship to the Royalty.

Not sure if you realise that Queen Elisabeth II was the Monarch of some 15 different countries around the world as well as the head of the Commonwealth of Nations with 54 countries as members, all were part of the Empire, this will now pass to her son King Charles lll. So there is still a lot of love for this woman all the world not just the UK. There is more than just the monarchy involved here there is the strength of the parliamentary democracy that has been adopted by a lot of these countries. A lot of the countries that separated from the monarchy and gone down path of a republic have fallen by the wayside.

Sorry for the quality of my photo but it was lifted from a iPad.


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