Samsung/iPhone vs. DSLR for Instagram/social media photos

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Re: Samsung/iPhone vs. DSLR for Instagram/social media photos

14be wrote:

I am a fairly beginner photographer that will be taking photos to be posted on Instagram/social media to be consumed on a smartphone.

While I know that DSLR/mirrorless cameras have strong advantages for print photography and high resolution images, most social media apps like Instagram don't allow high resolution images and compress the image so it is not as high quality.

Would I see any differences in photo quality between using a Samsung Ultra or iPhone 14 Pro vs. an entry level DSLR/mirroless camera if the pictures will be primarily uploaded on Instagram or viewed on a smartphone? How about versus a high end end camera?

I plan to stay within the 12-77mm range of the iPhone 14 Pro if that matters, I don't expect to be taking like 200mm wildlife photos.

Let me know if there is any other information I can give to help answer the question.

Depends on what will be in those photos. If you want to have portraits with blurred background (so a lot of bokeh in the photos), then cheapest entry level Canon DSLR with cheapest, plastic 50mm lens will give you better results than the most expensive phone with artificial background blur and computational portrait mode. But for most other topics (landscapes, street photo, vacation snaps etc.) you should be good with the phone.

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