Your favourite L-mount camera body for use with vintage manual focus lenses

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Did Mr Reality meet Miss Speculation?

Photodog2 wrote:

I like the looks, small size and unorthodox (compared to the usual Japanese) style of the Leica TL2 and CL. Since they seem to be out of production now and they've never been accepted by Leica collectors as "true" Leica maybe their used prices will become reasonable in the future. Leica lenses are out of my league price wise but Zeiss ZM is more in reach and I actually prefer their rendering. So I see a used CL or a TL2 in my future with some used ZM glass adapted with an M to L adapter. My interest is in the 25/2.8, 28/2.8, 35/2.8 and 50/2 ZMs w/c w/d would make 37.5, 42, 52.5 and 75 equivalents. That would make the perfect standard set of primes for me. I prefer modern AF zooms for telephotos, and modern non-vintage primes for WA and UWAs.

Perhaps it was Leica's need to update bodies and possible lack of capital to do so. When combined with Panasonic's need for a RF-Style flat top camera body to round out their current variety of bodies styles in L-Mount which resulted in the L2 joint venture announcement.

Presumably Leica wanted to reserve the RF-Style bodies in L-Mount as their preserve and found that they struggled to fund an updated body that could be sold at anywhere near a highly vendable price.

So along come their mates from Pana-inc with a bucket full of development cash and a joint venture deal that seems like a marriage made in heaven for the good old consumer's benefit. Same camera body, Leica's version has solid gold buttons and wheels.

If the TL2 and CL are out of production then I think that Mr Reality is now talking to Miss Speculation.

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