Your favourite L-mount camera body for use with vintage manual focus lenses

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Re: "Not Leica?"

The other prince came later and being a Ricoh GRD user I was a sucker for one.

The was the GRX with "mount module". Part of the GRX series with various sized sensors combined with fixed lenses in modular form - all fitting the same camera body back. The "mount module" was a manual focus (only) nut and bolt replica of the Leica M mount attached to a 12mp apsc sensor with Ricoh designed micro-lenses. Unlike our usual adapters it not only had nicely machined LM mounting lugs but inside the cavity it had more of less the same size space of the film LM mount - no nasty baffles or electronic contacts to mess with your lens that might have significant rear protrusion.

It came with a newly designed metal focal plane shutter that defaulted shut.

Furthermore the firmware was optimised for use with MF Lenses and included two types of focus peaking systems - Mode2 was for those wishing to live dangerously and quite unlike any other that I have seen. With some practice in using Mode2 accurate focusing could be very quick indeed.

I desperately wanted one of these when they first came out and finally got my hands on one...a week ago.  Mode2 is revelatory. I desperately want it on a modern full frame body. Not that I expect much will come of it, but I wrote to Sigma begging them to add it in a future fp firmware update

Between configurable peaking colors, full-finder 8x zoom, and the LVF-11 LCD finder, I *am* finding the manual focus experience on the fp pretty nice and intuitive. It gets even nicer if you set the camera to monochrome emulation mode and shoot raw. You get nice brightly colored peaking lines and a greyscale image to compose with.

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