Any plans to mark2 for the 24-105 G F4?

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Re: Any plans to mark2 for the 24-105 G F4?

It took Sony almost 8 years to make a new 16-35/4 lens and that was a lens with massive copy variance, slow AF and other noticeable IQ issue on many copies. Sony didn’t think about releasing it before it could serve a different purpose eg. Vlogging and video for a new range of bodies.

The 24-105G is a lens that is noticeable better then the lens above, a lens that to a high degree can follow up on the AF front and it’s only about 5 years of age.  Although I do hope they release one next year, I must admit it’s more a hope then something I actually realistically think will happen. As other points out, Sony seem more willing to do it on those lenses that dos not live up to the GM tag and perhaps other lenses that can serve other purposes. This lens however isn’t a GM and as a lens it can actually  perfectly well serve other purposes well enough as it is, not at least due to the OSS and as said it’s optically fine for G lens. If the other is anything to go by it will take additional 3 years before we see an update, however as this is better even 5 years might not even be unrealistic.

As I see it there are few lenses as it stands that realistic can be updated now.




70-200G f/4 again sony could do something special with it.

24-70ZA f/4 that could be made into a PZ24-70G f/4, what speaks against it, is the existence of the 24-105/4, so I find it to be the least realistic of those 5 lenses.

I just don’t see much chance for updates on 24-105G, 70-300G, 12-24G and 90G that other ask for as it currently stands. It might happen eventually, I just don’t particularly hopeful it will happen anytime soon.

All the rest forget it, those will never be updated.

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