Any plans to mark2 for the 24-105 G F4?

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Bijo Sam
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Re: Any plans to mark2 for the 24-105 G F4?

SillyPosition wrote:

Bijo Sam wrote:

Hopefully they can make it a bit more compact, i dont mind loosing the OSS for a more compact 24-105 and hopefully its a as sharp as the 16-35 G lens because while the current one is sharp, its not as sharp as the F2.8 lenses whereas teh 16-35G compares with sharpness of the F2.8 lenses in the same range

Where does OSS comes into play with FF IBIS cameras? It adds to the stability of film taking, or is it even more valuable for video work (reduces shake even with gimbal?)

For video it helps with micro-jitter. IBIS helps a bit but is less effective at longer focal lengths (past 50\70mm). OSS makes a more noticeable difference to micro-jitter than just IBIS...I tested this myself. Sony claims that IBIS and OSS work in tandem.

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