Any plans to mark2 for the 24-105 G F4?

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Re: Any plans to mark2 for the 24-105 G F4?

SillyPosition wrote:

A year ago I was in the market for zoom lens, found myself eventually settling on the sigma 28-70 f2.8, for its size and range.

Later on I bought the 35GM prime lens, which I love.

I find my sigma not exactly fulfilling my desires, I wish it could cover 24mm, and also have a longer reach. Many times I simply use my 35GM with crop and avoid using the sigma at all.

I look back at the decision making and remember the 24-105 was a good pick, with F4 its good enough for the day (a good candidate together with my 35gm), but I overrulled it because it was heavy, big, and dated to 2017.

We are 5 years later now, and the trend from Sony for mk2 lenses is to shrink/lose weight. Any rumors or knowledge when there might be a renewal for the 24-105?

If it goes down to 500grams or so, 1-2cm less of length and 67mm filter thread, that would be amazing.

The 24-105G was considered the best standard f/4 zoom on the market when it came out. It has now been equalled - perhaps surpassed - by the Canon 24-105, the Nikon 24-120 and, I would say, the Tamron 28-200, which is still 4.5 at 100. That being said, none of them surpass it by a wide margin (if at all).

I do think this will get an upgrade, but I would suggest we are still some years away from it. I would expect upgrades to the 24-240, 16-35/2.8 and some others first. I did sell mine, but it is still a very good lens capable of performing on high MP sensors and with fast AF.

Photos taken with my Sony 24-105G:

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