Best Minolta Camera Ever

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Re: Best Minolta Camera Ever

Mmmm and mmmmm again ! Pick one ? Difficult ! I'm going to go with the X-700. I've shot stuff on that that genuinely has blown me away. Good lens ? Yes but the metering system has got to be as important and the X-700 (for me) can't be beaten. There, done it

However, I bought an XG-1 in 2000, payed £110.00 2nd hand for it (Collage Cameras, Walthamstow...anyone here remember them) and that was incredible. I shot a lot of slides on it and its ability to nail the exposure was amazing...really. So with that, i'm nominating the XG-1 as the second best camera Minolta ever made

Best All


By-the-way, my X-700 is currently wearing a Auto Rokkor PF 1.4 58mm leans from a 1965 SR-7 (not the best camera Minolta ever made;-)

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