Post your 2022 Perseids meteors here...

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Re: Post your 2022 Perseids meteors here...


I always liked the 1D series bodies for this reason - super short delays. 1DSII does around 0.5 sec delay, and while I have not tried any formal "delay tests" with the 1DXII, it's burst rates with normal photography suggest similar or better - certainly when I used it to shoot the Perseids last year, there was hardly any time between shots.

I love my 1D-X.  For 15 second exposures, it has a delay of about 1/2, but for 13 seconds it drops to about 1/3 of a second which is sweet.

For some reason most EOS-R cameras seem crippled in comparison, although my tests with the EOS-RP were pretty good, with around 1s delay if I remember correctly (see the thread from a year or two back where a few forum members submitted test results).

Canon knows about it, and they don't care since we are only a small community of users.  I would still like to know what they are doing in that 1 second. Noise reduction? Semi-dark frame subtraction?  I have no idea, but I would like too.


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