Are Z lenses APO lenses?

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Re: Are Z lenses APO lenses?

They (E vs Z mount version) differ slightly in size and weight. Z-version is a little bit bigger and weighs a few grams more.

CV 35/2 AL-Z = 70,4 mm + 360 g vs CV 35/2 AL-E = 67,3 mm + 352 g

Filter size is 52mm vs 49mm (E-mount), the Z-version only comes with one lens cap in 52mm, which fits both the lens with and without the metal hood.

The Sony comes with two lens caps, one 49mm for the lens without hood and afaik one 52mm cap for the lens with attached hood.

You can screw the metal hood into the filter thread.

52mm filter attached to the 52mm filter thread of the CV 35/2 AL-Z lens + the hood attached on the outer filter thread of your 52mm filter.

You can't reverse mount the metal hood of the CV 35/2 AL-Z, but it's so small and tiny that it doesn't really matter when it is permanently attached.

If you use Vario-ND or CPL, it's much easier to turn the filter with the metal hood.

Something that is impossible with some of my Z-lenses, where a Vario-ND, or CPL filter with mounted hood is no longer operable, without breaking your fingers, or conterminating the filter surface with heavy and ugly fingerprints.


The CV 35mm f/2 AL-Z has a dedicated aperture ring with 1/3 click-stops from f2.0 to f16.

In contrast to the E-mount version, on the Z-mount version, the click-stops cannot be switched off for video usage.

Z version comes with the focus confirmation box, focus indicator switching from red to green as focus confirmation, which really works extremely precise.

I always check the focus with 100% magnification, but never had to correct the focus, if the focus box showed green.

So when you need to focus really quickly, the focus indicator red-green is a reliable tool/focus help, without the need to check the perfect focus with magnification.

The Apo-Lanthar Z versions are beautiful lenses, i keep it with Matt Osborne's (video review on page 1 of this thread) summary about the CV 50/2 AL.

This lens is so well corrected and just so amazing in terms of resolution, it's almost too good that every photographer should own one to have as a tool in your camera bag, it's just brilliant.

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