Are Z lenses APO lenses?

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Re: Are Z lenses APO lenses?

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are the Z lenses APO lenses in Leica's sense?


There is two new Voigtlander full MF APO coming to the Nikon Z system, the 35 and 50, I have both in E-mount and both are great, so I will be getting the Z mount as well. so I can slowly phase out my Canon system.

I got both from Cameraquest, and they are great.

NICE !!!

One quick question, for the 35 F2 APO, the lens lens looks to be completely different from the E-mount, even the front filter size, according what I saw from Cameraquest website, it says it has 52mm, and my E-mount has 49mm with the metal hood which I can also mount a 58mm filter on the hood, can you confirm that Z mount in fact has the 52mm front thread? also can a filter be mounted on the hood? I like the keep the hood on all the time and use the filter with the hood together when possible, thanks.

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