Bronica Zenza SQ-A flash?

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Re: Bronica Zenza SQ-A flash?

Horiz Opposed wrote:

FrancoD wrote:

The SQ A just had a standard PC socket. The later SQ AI had a multi pin for TTL via an SCA adapter (Metz )

So apart from been able to use any shutte speed , you either use the flash on manual or set the Aperture on the camera according to the A on the flash.

For example you could dial in the Orange setting , have the lens on f/5.6 and the flash will work out the duration to cover between 1 and 9 metres or ,say, Blue if you want to use 11 reducing the max distance to 4.5 M.

Which is what I said, stated in other words.

Your reply should have been not to me, but to the OP who is the one trying to understand this. I used these type flashes 40 years ago, and understand how they work.

Well you did write "The camera won’t adjust anything unless you are using a TTL set up, if it is even capable of such." I was just letting you and the OP know that it isn't able to do TTL.

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