Are Z lenses APO lenses?

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Re: Its an old term --->

MoreorLess wrote:

AdamT wrote:

Apochromatic is an old term to describe a lens formula designed to reduce Lo-ca chromatic Aberration - these days lens formulas are so complicated that they incorporate such technlogy and beyond that there is no need to apply it to a title, same goes for bragging about having coated optics ........ it`d be like BMW making a big sales point about fitting the new M series with Radial Tyres and having a safe sealed battery ..

The lens site that I use cites APO as elimination or at least a significant reduction LOCAs ....... so I agree with the above .......

Really these days APO seems like more of a marketing term used to sell high end lenses,

........ so what you are saying is, to you APO seemingly means nothing specific ?... it just doubles the price ....... using that criteria we should be seeing lenses marked with ....... "twin turbo constant drive AF ! ...... I guess that would be the super high range lenses ..

........ anyway the OP's question was "are the Z lenses Apochromatic?" ...... and the answer is in general no ..... maybe a few may turn out to be, we have yet to find out!

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