Thoughts on Pentax DFA 70-210?

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Re: Thoughts on Pentax DFA 70-210?

Gary Martin wrote:

I love (love!) the DFA 70-210 on the K-1, but for APS-C I would stick with the PLM. If you're not getting sharp results with that lens, you either have a bad copy or something is wrong with your technique.

Hi, "sharp" is qualitative word. I get sharp images with my 55-300 PLM, but my DA*300 is sharper than the 55-300 PLM at 300 mm, as it should be given the consumer level of the PLM and of the "pro" (other non quantitative word) level of the DA*. The overall performance of the 55-300 is wonderful, given that it's a consumer plastic lens, but it is not comparable to that of a premium, more expensive, lens, that is absolutely obvious. Is it also your experience?

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