Are Z lenses APO lenses?

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Re: Its an old term --->

AdamT wrote:

Apochromatic is an old term to describe a lens formula designed to reduce Lo-ca chromatic Aberration - these days lens formulas are so complicated that they incorporate such technlogy and beyond that there is no need to apply it to a title, same goes for bragging about having coated optics ........ it`d be like BMW making a big sales point about fitting the new M series with Radial Tyres and having a safe sealed battery ..

Really these days APO seems like more of a marketing term used to sell high end lenses, most of those that have been given it do seem like exellent lenses but I don't think thats due to following some "APO design" and mores than there lenses without as much compromise, they tend to be more expensive, larger and have more limited(normally F/2 rather than F/1.4) specs.

Really you could argue Nikons F/1.8 primes do follow this trend somewhat in that they trade off 2/3rds of a stop of light for better performance and do not try and be ultra small.

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