Bronica Zenza SQ-A flash?

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Re: Bronica Zenza SQ-A flash?

Ric_01 wrote:

Thanks. I have fully read the manual, however the section on flash photography is terse and, to me at least, ambiguous - hence my post here. I am more used to 35mm SLR's &, in terms of Bronica flash settings, am no wiser.

A very basic overview, for use of flash on the Bronica - with example settings & likely outcomes - would be helpful.

Am using a Centon F.G.3.0 flash unit, which I have tested, & works with the Bronica.

By this time tomorrow I will have used the Bronica with flash, so I will stay with 1/60th shutter speed at asa 125 film, & hope for the best, I guess.


Did you read the user manual for the flash ?

It tells you how it works in that .

There's not a lot about how to use the flash in the camera manual , because that is flash specific and is in the flash guns manual . How to use the camera with flash is in the camera manual , your asking how to use the flash gun now .

You were asking about flash sync speed first .

As already explained the camera can be set to any shutter speed as the flash sync speed is anything up to 1/500th sec .

The flash you refer to has three settings .

Two automatic exposure ones for two given aperture values , and one full manual setting where it fires a full power and the aperture controls exposure . ( a flash meter will be required )

If the lighting of the scene is largely being done by the flash , it tells you on the flash what aperture to set the lens to .

Set the slider on the flash to the ISO of the film your using , and all the information you need is on its chart .

ie , the camera to subject distance and the aperture required for correct exposure .

Shutter speed controls the ambient light .

Without knowing the meter readings of a specific scene and how far your subject is , no one can instruct you what shutter speed and aperture to set things up with .

Read the flashes manual or buy a book on lighting . You'll save having a lot of wasted film .

If the flashes trigger voltage is safe to use on digital cameras , experiment on digital .

You'll be restricted with a maximum shutter speed of 1/125th second , but you'll learn how a flash works without wasting film .

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