Is my understanding of zooms completely wrong?

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All about convenience --- Is my understanding of zooms completely wrong?

I enjoy the speed/convenience of extreme zoom (24-600 eq). Also the fact that I do not have to decide which lens to take on a given outing. Then there is the size/weight of multiple lens kits. About quality, I have convinced myself that my 20 MP shots look excellent on my 4K monitors. Since I have extreme zoom I do not have to PP crop to get "closer". Rotate and crop to 16:9 typically. I do not print large so plenty of pixels. My only big print is a big panorama (60x18 inches) stitched from 5-8 shots.
I do take lots of shots with FL between the extremes.
I do have an achromatic close-up filter that gets me close to 1:1 while still about 10 inches from the lens.

just my 0.02


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