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Re: Half an Hour by the Tracks

1971_M5 wrote:

About a week ago, I had some extra time on the way home from work and the camera in the car. Went to a spot where I thought there might be some mainline action, but it was pretty quiet (no trains). Parked the car, walked to the tracks, and took some shots. Why not? It was a hot/warm afternoon and evening. Lighting is a bit "off" (almost sunset) due to inconsistent WB as I tried to normalize things in post, but I didn't quite get it right. Anyway, I know it sounds weird, but this is 30 minutes of good relaxation (for me). Nobody else around. Urban solitude.

It doesn't sound weird to me at all. I also find it relaxing being trackside when there are no trains or people about, e.g. just waiting in between train movements. I find it a peaceful experience.

And I really like photos of tracks in scenic locations. Your shot with the mountain backdrop is great.

I took this shot earlier in the year during a short 3-day trip I made to capture trains. I got a lot of train photos, but this one of the station and yard with no train movemements is one of my favourites because it reminds me of that relaxed feeling.

Cootamundra, NSW

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