Bronica Zenza SQ-A flash?

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Re: Bronica Zenza SQ-A flash?

Ric_01 wrote:


What shutter speed should I use for flash, on a 125 asa film please?

My gut reaction would be 1/60th.

But I understand the Bronica does an auto thing when it detects a flash unit attached.



They use a leaf shutter in the lens rather than a focal plane shutter of a 35mm SLR .

As the flash fires when the shutter is fully open , you can use flash up to the maximum S/S of 1/500th second , so it depends on how much ambient light you want to capture how long you keep the shutter open for .

The Bronica ETRS and ETRSi work the same .

Why not read or download a manual ( if you don't have one ) and get the best out of your camera ?

Get it here , and make a donation so he can continue to run this valuable website  ;

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