Minolta x700 flash sync issue

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Re: Minolta x700 flash sync issue

Well, I just did the paper test with the flash in front of the camera.  I was surprised at how clear the issue is with this test.  Here are my results (non scientific):

- @  1/125 it will exposed approximately 50% of the frame (ok, sounds normal)

- @ 1/30 it will expose the full frame (OK again)

-@ 1/60 it exposes approx 90% of the frame.  There is maybe at most, 2mm missing on the right (looking at the camera from the rear). Looks a lot worse on the picture.

Based on the posting referenced and the very basic description of the fix, I took the bottom plate off.  I removed the metal wheel located bellow the take up spool which is used to couple the motor drive (1 offset screw holds it in place).  Other than that, there is another wheel that turns when cocking the camera and has a few levers and stop levers (i.e. it don<t come out easy).  On that wheel there is a small adjustment screw (offset screw) with a drop of locktite.  I played with that and re-tested = no effect.  (or maybe I really screwed something up now).

Anyhow, I have the service manual, but it's of not help.  The section that refers to 1st and 2nd curtain adjustment (p119) describes what seems to be a very primitive procedure that seems to need to be done with the curtain assembly out of the camera.  Either I'm an idiot, or there is no obvious way to access both sync wheels (as described in the manual and the post) from the bottom.  Oh, and I can't seem to match any of the parts in the manual diagrams with those that are exposed from under the camera.

I doubt I could find a camera repairman as efficient as that of the poster around here

From what I got from the manual, two gears on top of each other are responsible for the sync of both curtains.  To adjust them, you need to lift one off the other and reposition (yes, very precise indeed).  No fancy set screw or anything of that nature.

(see pic before removing that motor coupling wheel - forgot to take one after sorry)

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