Minolta x700 flash sync issue

Started Aug 22, 2022 | Discussions thread
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Re: Minolta x700 flash sync issue

black_caniche wrote:

Thanks for the comments... so I'm not loosing it... the second curtain is (could be) off. Will do the paper test to see if I notice any change. If that (quoted) repair is for the same issue and that it's simply a mater of a mechanical (or could be a potentiometer) adjustment, that would be great. No intention of sending it in for repair... not worth it. The strange part is that I did not notice effects in non-flash situations; but then again, they might be much harder to notice... but still there. DJT.

It may be that the flash sync timing is late, rather than the shutter rear curtain being off. That would allow available light photos to be perfect, but flash to be cut off, like your images. With a focal plane shutter, the flash sync timing is supposed to be delayed enough for the front curtain to be fully open, but the rear curtain has not yet started to close. So, if the sync timing is late...

It would be fairly difficult to diagnose without a shutter speed tester which includes sync timing.  If you are not going to fix it, it is all somewhat academic, I suppose.

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