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Re: Sony A7c street photography settings

Mike Fewster wrote:

Corot2 wrote:

Just received a few days ago my Sony a7c and am really enjoying it.

What a fun camera to use with stellar image quality

The last Sony I owned was way back the Sony DSC v3 and until now used Fuji x.

I shoot a lot street photography and have been experimenting with various settings

I also do some hip shooting and was interested if anyone could suggest what focus areas and metering modes you find most effective in your shooting

I appreciate your suggestions



I'm very interested in exactly the same question and would shortly have started a thread asking the same.

Here's what I have been playing with but it certainly isn't definitive so I will be looking at everyone else's suggestions as well.

This is what I used to begin my thinking. Mark Galer is great for Sony stuff but I think this one neds a rethink. It is too old and doesn't consider the af capabilities of the A7c.

Some principles behind my thinking.

I'm happy to raise iso to get a shot rather than miss something because the shutter speed was too slow. If necessary I'll then work on noise in the Image with Topaz.

I have iso at 400. Probably need to set it so so raises rather than shutter speed falling below about 1/250

Aperture control with camera left on 5.6. Galer says F8 because this give close to unlimited dof and is largely focus free. I think the newer af doesn't need this and I'm still experimenting. I may go with two f stop/iso settings for street work. One lot for low light and one lot for daylight.

I keep the lower button on the main control dial on toggle for instant APS-C. I find that ability to get a bit closer fast very useful. for street work.

I have the histogram on in the viewfinder. Mainly, I want to see highlight loss and adjust fast if necessary. Histogram in camera settings are based on jpegs. I shoot Raw so the histogram isn't accurate. I set to max dro because this adjusts the histogram to the jpeg and gives a much more accurate idea of what is possible when avoiding burnt out highlights from the RAW files.


Fully silent

Touch focus on the screen for use when the screen is being used for waist level viewing.

I'm still thinking about how I get fast access to eye focus

I'm using the 28-60 Sony F4 -5.6 Excellent IQ and af in an ultra small/light lens. I also have the Zony 35mm 2.8 which is even smaller and lighter. When traveling I take the 2.8 for use when I go out at night. I am yet to decide if I can keep just the 28-60.

I also have the Samyang 18mm 2.8. Also exceptionally small and light and easy to have in the bag as well. Much as I love my 24-105 and find the range ultra useful, I'm not using it on the A7c.

Is there a real reason to use ISO400 constantly, what if its middle of the day, sun is shining and you get to a very high shutter speed anyway? Why not using ISO min SS instead?

In my couple of preconfigured presets (1,2,3) I play with this to achieve my goals, like a preset with at least 1/160s shutter speed, for photography of toddlers, usually 1/160 is enough for me. If the scene requires more due to lowlight, it will bump the ISO. But only if, not regardless

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