Better results with A7Iv than A7RIV..questions

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Re: Better results with A7Iv than A7RIV..questions

Nokiron wrote:

BlueCosmo5050 wrote:

Watch this... I tried this... and it did work but my testing is limited, this video is old the new version apparently works better. I just tried it and was amazed. How many of you have tried this?

He said he got the regular a7 to beat the a7r by doing this

I definitely do not agree with his results, even if it works great for when you absolutely need more resolution for a print or something it often creates some weird artifacts.

I've tested it myself with my A7S, A7, A7R and A7RIV. You cannot create detail from nothing and make it better than a picture shot at the upscaled resolution.

yeah I tried it and I think the a7riv does look better than upscaling the other one. Still useful for prints.

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