Better results with A7Iv than A7RIV..questions

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Re: Better results with A7Iv than A7RIV..questions

Jeff2013 wrote:

BlueCosmo5050 wrote:

moficera wrote:

Did you compare the files at same output size or did you use 1:1 pixelpeeping?

I used 1:1, I should try to do that and see if they are more equal with the same output size.

But the reason I have the 61 megapixel version, is I do want it to look really sharp at 1:1. Am I right that it just requires more shutter speed?

Also I was thinking, shooting at 1.4 and apertures like that, maybe the focus doesn't look as accurate because there are more pixels?

The 1/FL came from the old film days. With high resolution cameras like the A7RIV, the formula is more like 1/(2.5*FL)… without IBIS.

I know and I've read that a lot, but it still seems to be applying some with the 61 megapixels or why isn't it as sharp? Or is it just the AF and the processor being that much better in the A7IV?

If it was just a small difference I wouldn't care but its enough difference to care about.

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