PENTAX DSLR AF-Fine Adjustment (AF-FA) - Tolerance Problem

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Re: PENTAX DSLR AF-Fine Adjustment (AF-FA) - Tolerance Problem

RBIV wrote:

TBLF wrote:

This is really one of the very few reasons I do envy mirrorless for... never having to fine tune AF ever again on all my lenses every time I get a new body or after you have to do a menu reset would be kinda nice

Agree. Today, if focus is an absolute priority, I will use mirrorless. My Nikon Zs are clearly superior in focus accuracy no matter how much I futz with Micro focus adjustments... (but it's subtle, pixel peep stuff, in most images)

... but never seeing the real live image would suck also. It's always some compromise or turd in the punchbowl to be dealt with. Such is life, I guess.

Yeah, I do kinda prefer the OVF.

If I understand correctly, the lighting wavelength effect on AF especially artificial light, can potentially throw it off also... so if the light shifts while fine tuning, your results might theoretically change too, no?

I used to be really finicky about fine tuning, but I ended up being a realist. Now I just get it "close enough" on my test target at home, but I totally am expecting to (and DO) final tweak fine AF in the field after the initial fine tune.

Agree. I have tested to fixed targets, and that works pretty well, but over time, I find I may change the "best fixed test" by +/- a step or two based on what I see after a shooting session.

I find that the randomness of a combo's tendency to FF or BF really doesn't become apparent on a test target and is only through use in the field on real subjects do you get to finally put it where you want it most.


DOF, telephoto compression, outdoor light, mirage, and other factors seem to come into play. I find with long tele's I prefer to error slightly on the side of FF if I can't get it exact, and let the DOF take care of the rest, especially if your typical subject is coming at you rather that going away, heh.

I don't do much tele shooting so can't add any experience there. For normal and wide journalistic shooting, I've just found f/8 to be my friend -- and IBIS and sensors that aren't afraid of 3200 to be GREAT companions.

We have such GOOD cameras now !!!

Fun subject, thanks for the info, that lays out the options really well.

I know about mirrorless (AF/PD on sensor) at least in using my Sony RX10 IV in every day photography. It has a superb ZEISS lens and DXO (or other products) can handle higher ISO shortcomings very well. Shallow DOF is missing though.

I like to use my old lenses on the K-1 and K-5 IIs.  Knowing how good AF can get, I'm trying to get excellent focus on my DSLRs with PD also.

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