Alpha 7 II: is it overkill as a video production camera

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Re: Alpha 7 II: is it overkill as a video production camera

Berto53 wrote:

If you have good lighting you dont need the iso capabilities of a full frame camera. An aps-c camera (smaller sensor than full frame, but still not small) such as the Sony a6000 should suit your needs just fine. It has e-mount as well so you can use your friends full frame lenses on it perfectly or just buy one yourself with the money you saved. I‘ve seen the a6000 go for as low as 400$, used even less. The lenses for this are also way cheaper. You can get a Sigma 30mm 1.4 prime lens for less than 300$. I would definitely look for an aps-c setup instrad of full frame.

Thank you very much for your feedback!

You are right, I will have sufficient lighting, and I found out my friend's lenses are APS-C instead of full frame, so looks like APS-C is the way to go for me.

I am looking at A6000 vs. ZV-E10. I don't need 4K recording, so some of the ZV-E10 features are wasted on me, but it seems harder to find A6000 nowadays, and ZV-E10 seems to be the closest substitute (with higher prices and slightly more features) if I cannot find a new A6000.

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