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JeremyB2 wrote:

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JeremyB2 wrote:

It depends on what display scaling your monitor has. Many people use more than 100%, as fonts and icons are too small at 100%. For example, I use a higher scaling factor for my UHD 32" primary monitor.

I'm considering replacing my 30" Dell Ultrasharp U3014 with a 4K monitor of similar size. May I ask what monitor you are using and, briefly, your assessment of it. Thanks.

It's an ASUS ProArt PA329Q Professional Monitor, purchased four years ago:


I dare say it's been superseded by a newer model by now. I'm very happy with it. I use 150% scaling with it.

I also have a much smaller, old 17" second SXGA monitor used in portrait mode with 100% scaling, placed alongside it.

It's a handy setup. For example, when I use PhotoLab, I put some of the windows and file tray on the second monitor, leaving more room for the image on the primary monitor. This is what a captured screenshot looks like, but it's not what I actually see, because of the different scaling:

Thanks Nigel. A question: when you use 150% scaling on the Asus monitor I assume this doesn't affect the text size in tool tabs etc in software like PhotoLab or similar? If this is indeed the case, is the text size the same as on your older monitor (2K?) or is there any difference? I'm sure that I would want to increase the scaling on a 30"+ 4K monitor but I really wouldn't want text size in PL or similar to be any smaller.

Everything gets larger. The reason you increase the scaling is because otherwise text in menus, etc, and icons would be too tiny unless you sit uncomfortably close to the screen. I like to sit well back, which is both more comfortable and better for the eyes. So you experiment to find your ideal setting.

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