Best settings for TG6 Shooting skittish fish?

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Richard Butler
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Re: Best settings for TG6 Shooting skittish fish?

mayhap wrote:

Camrarat wrote:

Start with shutter priority at 1/160th. That should give you at least a good chance at freezing a moving fish.

Does the TG6 have shutter priority? I'm looking for buy a waterproof camera and am considering the TG6, but all the specs I've found says it only has aperture priority. Thanks

I would expect it to only offer aperture priority mode because such cameras typically only have one or two aperture settings (often a single aperture setting, with or without an ND filter, which simulates the exposure impact of a smaller aperture without inducing further diffraction).

As a result, you can't have shutter priority mode, because the camera doesn't have enough aperture control to be able to deliver a balanced exposure.

ie: the shutter speed is variable enough to deliver a simplistic aperture priority mode but the aperture isn't variable enough to deliver a shutter priority mode.

Does that make sense?

Richard -

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