Old .dng files in DXO Photo Lab?

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Re: Old .dng files in DXO Photo Lab?

Montanawildlives wrote:

I (stupidly) converted a lot of raw files (Nikon and Fuji) to .dng files years ago (probably to save disk space, or because Adobe encouraged the .dng format and advertised it as MORE supportable in the future (why use proprietary .nef files, for example, will Nikon even be here to support them in 20 years? use true digital negatives instead!). Now I find that DXO Photo Lab (which I've fallen in love with) can't process the files.

Any way around this?

It depends on how you created the dng files and whether the camera is natively supported in DxO PL. A quick search got me to the following information. Check the side topics that might be relevant as well.


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