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Guy Parsons wrote:

Digital Nigel wrote:

JeremyB2 wrote:

I use the free FastStone Viewer (Windows only) and can compare 2, 3 or 4 images on the screen. Then do Print Screen and use FastStone again to crop back to what I showed up top somewhere. Here's what the full screen looks like with FastStone and an old experiment...

Thanks Guy. I'd forgotten; I do in fact have Faststone Viewer but use it infrequently. I'll play around with your suggested method for creating a composite view.

It works, but screen captures are not the recommended way of comparing image files. That's because both documents will have gone through a resampling process before being displayed. So you're not comparing the actual images, but processed versions of them. It's good enough for showing gross differences between images, but if comparing things like details and sharpness, it's much better to produce a composite image in an editor.

FastStone shows the image at any percentage and 100% is usually used for detail comparison, also the Smooth option helps simulate what a printed result may look like.

In other words, more processing. And even 100% views involve a resampling based on your particular screen resolution.

The screen grabs were done to show here and usually the comparison is only on my own screen for checking for differences.

Yes, I use FastStone a lot for interactively comparing images, but for showing comparisons here, I always produce composite images in Affinity, so there's no processing or resampling. It's not exactly difficult, and you can add text labels very easily. It also lets me create vertical composites if that's the best way to compare images.

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