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cheddarman wrote:

Heres a RAW image taken on Skomer island on a recent trip. How "good" can you make it look? This is my best effort but looks a bit "flat" I think.

Actually, I don't think your example looks flat at all. It looks natural which I prefer. Your attempt is full of artifacts though which detract from the image.

RAW image

Hope it's accessible......

I'm no expert but here's my attempt with DXO PL5 (took about 2 minutes). Notice it's free of artifacts.

The bird is the same size in both so did you just remove the sand bank somehow?

The RAW you linked was a different photo without the sand. Also, the bird's (puffin's?) wings were in a different position.

As for the two images, I certainly like the second one (the supplied raw file) better as it looks like flying. The first one simply looks like a bad feather day. Also as I said earlier, the sandbank could be "raised" in the second image to give some landing context to the crop.


Overall this has been a great learning thread, seeing the processing differences and what can be achieved with a few (expensive) software tools.

Now that we really don't need to keep spending on upgrading camera gear, the "saved" money can go towards better software products and thus make some old shots get a new life.

Yes, that's a good point. Or, of course, modern AI software can provide the equivalent of a big hardware upgrade to your current gear. It's a lot cheaper than the equivalent hardware upgrade!

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